Problem: Collection will not open because the Recover File is not present.

Solution: First make sure the collection passes both utilities (Update Collection and Helix Utility). If the collection fails either of the utilities, you will need to go to a backup.

If the collection passes both utilities, open the collection with Norton Disk Editor. Make sure you are looking at the first sector of the data fork. If you see the words "Helix Heap" in the upper right corner, you're in the right spot.

45656C69 58204865 61700000 00000000  Helix Heap.......
00001000 00xxxxxx xxxx0010 00000000  .................

Go to the second row of the third column. If the Recover File is active, you'll see "0010" at the end of this segment. Change "0010" to "0000" to turn the Recover File off. After you change this number, go to the Objects menu and select the Write Sector command. You can now close the collection and quit Norton Disk Editor. You should now be able to open the collection.